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Creating Your Parent User Account

We have a new consumer portal to provide updated privacy, as well as several new features for parents, including a mobile-friendly interface!

You will need to create a parent "User Account" and then connect to your student via his/her Student ID (this can be found in the parent portal of Synergy and is called the PermID in Synergy) and Date of Birth before being able to register. Once you've created your account, you will just need your user name and password for subsequent visits to the site.

You canĀ review this document if you need assistance creating your user account for the first time. If you need additional assistance setting up your account, you can call 1-800-934-2621. If you have other questions, please call the Athletics Office (contact info on the Contact Us page).

Click the soccer ball above to login right away, or review our offerings below to see what we currently have available.

Please select only one item per registration- there are NO credit card fees assessed.
There are 2 payment choices for ALL registration types- ONLINE (credit card) or pay in OFFICE (cash, check, credit card) This includes Free or Reduced Lunch status (qualification required).

Speech 6-8, Speech 6-8    
Speech 9-12, Speech 9-12    
-Parking Permits   +

parking-permit-signage_20170728105812949.png The fee for each permit is $10-choose your payment method (online or in the office) both ways will require you to pick up your permit in the office and that will need to be displayed in your vehicle at all times while parking on school property.

19-20park-pay Office, Parking - Pay In Office    
19-20park-pay Online, Parking - Pay Online    
Music-Band-FMS & LHS   +

Band 6-8, Band 6-8    
Band 9-12, Band 9-12    
Music-Choir-FMS & LHS   +
Choir 6-8, Choir 6-8    
Choir 9-12, Choir 9-12    
Music-Orchestra-FMS & LHS   +
Orchestra 6-8, Orchestra 6-8    
Orchestra 9-12, Orchestra 9-12    
~ PayOffice - Activities   +
PayOffice-Activities, Pay In The Office Activities    
~Clay Target League- FMS & LHS   +

Please Turn in Registration Receipt to Head Coach

Spring-Clay Target, Spring-Clay Target League    
~Drama-LHS   +
Drama, Drama 9-12    
~FFA   +
FFA.jpegThere is a $40 fee for FFA Dues,

please pay Mrs. Shaw
FFA, FFA 7-12    
~Figure Skating-LHS   +
skates_20181030145051472.jpgFIGURE SKATING CLUB
Figure Skating, FS 9-12    
~German Club   +
Germany_20190828135609644.jpgGerman Club with Ms. Engevik
German Club, German Club Trip    
~Key Club-LHS   +
Key Club, Key Club- 9-12    
~Knowledge Bowl-FMS & LHS   +
knowledge bowl.jpegThere is a $20 fee for Knowledge Bowl participation,

there are two payment options- credit card or pay in the office

Pay In Office-Act., Pay In The Office Activities    
KB-FMS, Knowledge Bowl-6-8    
KB-LHS, Knowledge Bowl-9-12    
~Math League-FMS & LHS   +

There is a $20 fee for Math League participation,

there are two option for payment- credit card or pay in office
ML-FMS, Math League-6-8    
ML-LHS, Math League-9-12    
~National Honor Society-LHS   +
national honor society.jpg

The dues for this Activity is $20

please pay in the Activities Office
NHS-LHS, NHS 9-12    
~Robotics-LHS   +
green-robot-pushing-an-invisible-object_G1zSAO0_-2.jpgThere is a $20 one time fee associated with signing up for Robotics-

Robotics-LHS, Robotics 9-12    
~Spanish Travel   +
Costa Rica_2019082813521482.jpgThis is signup for the Spanish Club with Mr. Broome
Spanish Travel, Spanish Travel    
~Student Council- FMS & LHS   +
student council.jpeg
SC- 9-12, Student Council 9-12    
~Yearbook-LHS   +
Yearbook, Yearbook-LHS